Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Um, Hello? Anybody out there?

Man, it has been a while.  A pathetically long while.  But I'm ready to refresh this bloggy up and get things shaking again.  You see, I went about this all wrong the first time... tried to create picture-perfect posts and ended up with generic updates on our little family.  Where's the fun in that?  Then, a couple of months ago, I realized that my inspiration for blogging stemmed from my craptastic ability to retain memories.  So I reacted on that in the literal sense with a blog called Chelsea Remembers.  This immediately set some very limiting precedents: each post/paragraph began with "I want to remember...", each post was very structured and committed to the memory discussed, and while the memories were about our little family, it still wasn't an actual look into what our life is.  Needless to say, I hopped off that train about three posts in.  (I may republish those posts here later... because I DO want to remember.  You hear that, Brain?!)

Anyway, in a nutshell:  I'm back to blogging.  This will be a lot less structured, and whole lot more real.  If you don't like dogs, I'm sorry for you.  Because 98.3% of the photos I take are of our two Ray pups (the other 1.7% is a mix of scenery, camera experimenting, and us).  They are our babies, and everything they do is either funny or amazing.  (What can I say?  It's our first taste of parenting!)  Life is a journey and I'm ready to document it just a smidge better than we were before.

That was some nutshell.  It was a coconut shell.

Oh, and I'm really bad at endings.  And I'm pretty lazy.  But Andrew picks his nose a lot, Copper prefers toilet water, Penny has bad gas and Kitty Bug loves to smell morning breath.  Such is life at the Ray house.


  1. Bring it! You've inspired me to get things rolling again. (But let's see if I stick to what I just typed.)

  2. You roll on your blog, and together let's roll on Talking Lights!