Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday, I'm in love...

Just a few things that made me smile this week...

A fireplace full of pumpkins... and the painted brick!  I love everything about this image.  This is exactly what I want our fireplace to look like.
Lavendar & Lillies

Framed objects... so clever. 

 The gallery wall photo that inspired me to do something similar in our living room... currently a work in progress.
Sawdust & Paper Scraps

 Absolutely in love with this tea towel! 
I want to buy one for every Lalla family member.
Our Workshop-Shop

 Cute and simple flower pin... trying this out sometime soon.
Jones Design Company Tutorial
If you never questioned my sanity before, you will now. 
It's a fun way to cheer yourself up. 
Today feels like a fu manchu day.
Taken with my phone, 10.7.10

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  1. Thanks for that last picture! I needed to see your silly personality shining today. Got it!