Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Buddversation

Even though Andrew is currently in another state, the Buddversations continue via text messaging.  Here is a Buddversation from this morning.

(Side note: thank goodness Andrew doesn't read this blog and it doesn't have many followers, this is one of those things he would not be too happy about me sharing.)

A: mama, tell penny to stop kyckin meee

C: Budd, be nice to your sister.  She's just a baby!

A: no, i tell daddy on you mama... i want my own jails.

C: Just because Penny kicked you out of the doghouse for barking in her ear does not mean you can be mean to me, Copper Budd Ray!

A: I did not barks in her ear!

A: I barks at her feets.

C: It sure looked like your mouth was in her ear, Budd.  Her sore ear.  She wasn't happy.  Did you say sorry, Budd?

A: ok... i did... sowwy pennys

C:  Good boy, Budd!  Momma will have extra snuggles for you tonight... and then you can play your new Keepaway Yip Yip game with me.  We must practice for Daddy!

A: ya mama ya! 

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