Friday, October 8, 2010

Sara, Sara, Sara...

Amazing.  Fantastic.  SUPER talented.  Beautiful.  Hilarious. 
Sara, I want to be you.

We had an amazing time at the concert last night.  I felt like I had my mouth hanging open in shock the whole time because that girl can SING.  She sounds better live than she does on her albums.  Who does that, really?  A few songs in, she came out from behind the piano to play the guitar and sing, and I'm pretty sure Andrew fell in love with her 12,714 times.

We drank ice cold Blue Moons and Sweetwater and ate popcorn up in the balcony during the opening acts: Holly Conlan and Greg Laswell... and watched the crowd in front of the stage get bigger and bigger. 

There were 4 or 5 guys (with 1 or 2 girls) right up next to center stage near Sara's piano, and they were hysterically excited.  I'm talking hands-in-the-air, squealing-and-whooping, close-to-tears hysterical.  Sara LOVED it... she was messing with them the whole concert.  First thing this morning, I went on Youtube... lo and behold, those crazy fans had already posted some videos:

We didn't want it to be over.  I wonder if Andrew will take a quick drive up to Nashville tonight so we can see her again.

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