Monday, October 11, 2010

Grumpy Gills & Money Woes

Sometimes, I think Andrew has a sixth sense.  Or maybe his laziness is coincidental.  I'll explain:

Andrew is heading out of town for a work trip for a few (8) days and he said last week sometime that he probably should have a few new shirts and pants for the trip.  So, of course, I turned that into "Let's go shopping this weekend."  Our Saturday was booked up with Family Day for his work and dinner/fire/baseball game night with the Carpenters.  Sunday morning, Andrew went golfing with a work buddy, so I made sure to be showered and ready when he got home so we could do a little shopping... oh, boy was I ready to get some $16 Old Navy jeans!

So, when he gets home from golfing, this was our conversation:

A:  "Look at you!  All showered and dressed!"  (Ok, so maybe I'm known for not changing out of my pajamas on Sundays.)
C:  "Yeah!  I'm ready to do some shopping."
A:  "Umm... what?"
C:  "Shopping.  For the things you need for your trip.  And for my $16 jeans."
A:  "Umm... well, I kind of just wanted to hang out, take a nap and watch the baseball game."
C:  (pouting)
A:  "And we really should be watching our money."
C:  (pouting)
A:  "But if you really want to go, we can."
C:  (pouting)
A:  "Chelsea [watch it- full first name means trouble], would you like to go shopping?"
C:  "No."
(Andrew gives up, goes to the couch.  I head into the garage to take out some agression by stripping paint off an old coffee table, pretty sure I was grumbling something along the lines of, "What a waste of a shower.")

Well, as it turns out, it's a good thing Andrew was feeling particularly lazy yesterday.  We just found out that our mortgage company miscalculated the amount needed in our escrow account for taxes, and our mortgage just went up $200 for the next 12-24 months.  (They tried to up it $300, but Andrew talked them down somehow.)

The most annoying part is, earlier this year we got a nice and cushy check because they OVER-estimated the amount we would need.  And they lowered our payment by $80 a month.  And we never even thought of saving that money for something like this.  Instead we used it on things we needed for the house. 

So, lesson learned: if the mortgage company sends you a check, save it.  Because most likely they will take it back times two.

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