Thursday, May 14, 2009

What happened? Life happened!

Well, we are more than a little behind on posts. I can't believe it has been over a month since the last one. We've been very busy, but I'll squeeze it back in! (Tomorrow- no promises, though.) But we are both alive and well, and going through the motions. Pups are doing well, work is exhausting Andrew, and Kitty Bug is still the Queen B. (You can define the 'B' to your taste. I prefer 'Bug', but I know my Ma brings the 'B' to a whole new meaning when it regards Kitty!)

Anyway, if I follow the dates from where I left off, I know what my next post will be, and I just don't want to type it up yet. So in the event that I emotionally-chicken out... fyi- our sweet Maddie girl was put down on April 10th. I may have to skip that post and come back to it later! Nope, no may about it... I will definitely have to wait for a stronger day to write that one.

Anyway, I will soon be updating about our (not so) little pups, work, recipes, life, family, friends, fun, projects... all the goodness (and the bad, and the ugly!). See you soon!