Tuesday, October 19, 2010

From blue to ...

Tomorrow, Andrew will have been out of town for a week.  Taking advantage of the free reign, I've been cleaning the house room by room, working on little projects, and not cooking any extravagant meals (ok, so what if tacos are an extravagant meal in the Ray house?).  Anyway, while the house has been way too lonely, it has been nice to see things STAY clean for once. 

But, just because Andrew has been gone for days, that doesn't mean I've stopped cleaning up after him.  Sunday, I cleaned our bathroom.  And when I came back into the house after taking the trashcan outside to empty it, I noticed a lovely little trail of beard hair.  ANDREW's beard hair (although, I guess I really don't have to specify that- right?).  This lovely trail went from our bathroom, through our already-clean bedroom, through the already-cleaned-and-shined-hardwood-floors living room, through the already-clean kitchen and out the door.  (I'm ignoring you, black-hole-of-crazy-project-mess garage.  Buttons misses her parking spot.)

In the midst of stomping behind the vacuum cleaner and shaking my fist at the empty couch, I realized that for a split second, I didn't miss Andrew.  It didn't feel like I hadn't seen him in 5 days.

So, thanks honey, for helping me feel something other than blue over missing you.

Even if that feeling was EXTREMELY ANNOYED.

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