Sunday, March 15, 2009

Welcome to the Family!

Yesterday, Andrew and I became proud parents! We decided to take a look around at the PetSmart adoption day to see what we could find... and of course we found 2 precious pups we just couldn't live without!

Meet Copper:
Copper is a male Australian Shepherd and Spitz mix who will probably grow to about 50 lbs. He is really laid-back, loves to play hard then nap hard (what puppy doesn't?), and immediately fell in love with his new sister.

Meet Penny:
Penny is a German Shepherd mix who will grow to be about 70-80 lbs. Her Mom was also up for adoption, and was a gorgeous full-bred German Shepherd. Penny is very hyper-active (I don't have a still picture of her!) and loves as much attention as she can get... she gets a lot from us, but the most from her brother.

It didn't take long for them to fall in love with each other! (And fall asleep!)


  1. They're precious, Chels! Get ready for late-night whimpering and poop clean-up on aisle one!!! (times two!)

  2. What does Kitty think? Haha I bet she's scared outta her wits! I think Copper needs an orange collar (Big A will love that) and little sassy pants should definitely have a hot pink one! What's with this black nonsense???

  3. And one more thing: you're so lucky you found these two! They were just want you had in mind anyway!!!

  4. ok, so i lied... one very last thing. i remember you being nervous about all that pup fur all over everything and i saw a commercial the other day that made me thing of you instantly. PLEDGE (the wood furniture cleaner company) has a new animal hair pickup tool in stores. it's like the sticky tape things, but it just pulls hair up into a reservoir and lasts like 10 times longer than the rolls of tape do. pretty cool.

  5. Very cute! Lots of work but loads of fun. Congratulations!

  6. Oh, we certainly cleaned up some poop at PetSmart! :) We got them the black collars since they were on clearance, and these pups are going to grow grow grow, so we'll pick out nicer collars once they are ready for more permanent ones. I can't promise you orange and hot pink, though! :) Andrew already made me promise not to deck them out in wild and crazy things. ("We aren't on 'Pimp my Dog', Chels!") I have found a very pretty hunter green collar that I think would look cute on Copper, and I'm leaning toward red for Penny. We'll see, though. And yes- we are so lucky! (But how funny that the girl ended up being what Andrew wanted and the boy what I wanted!) And yes again- I am definitely getting that Pledge thing!