Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Walk with Kitty Bug

The weather has been gorgeous the past couple of days, so I've been taking Kitty Bug outside to enjoy the yard. She's a little skittish about the outdoors (and leashes), but as Spring comes, she is treating all of the windows as her personal HDTVs... so I thought she needed to experience the action.

The walks all start the same way:
Skittish Kitty Bug creeping down the stoop to the garden.

She then finds a cozy spot to sniff the air and watch what I'm doing.

But then something catches her attention.
(Today, it was a squirrel.)

And she'll get brave and creep out of the garden and onto the walkway.

Crossing the walkway brings the reward of (very little) grass!

Kitty Bug wonders what in the world her Momma is doing
aiming that thing at her all the time.

And then decides to model a little bit.

She tried to trick me into thinking she was ready to go inside, but just after this walked all the way down the walkway!

To the base of our Bradford pear, which she tried to climb...


After that adventure, it was time to go back inside!
(Seriously, getting a cat on a leash out of a tree is exhausting. Momma needed 5 minutes alone on the porch swing to recover from that!)

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