Thursday, March 19, 2009

Prayers for Sweet Maddie Girl

In August of 1999, a sweet little pup with a mohawk was born. A couple of months later, that sweet little pup came home to the Lalla house, and became known as Maddie "Maddog" Lalla. She is my sister-dog, a dog that has grown up to be the most loyal, well-mannered adorable dog in the world... and a true part of our family. We just found out that Maddie has a large mass on the back of her tongue, and 90% of the time these masses are malignant. For cost and travel reasons, chemotherapy and radiation are not possible. Also, the mass cannot be removed without removing her whole tongue. Maddie's vet is attending a conference next week, and he plans to bring Maddie's records and discuss options with his colleagues. There is a shot treatment that is in the testing phase that he may be able to acquire for her. At this point we are asking for your prayers and high hopes that all will work out and Maddie will be with us for many more years. Here are some pictures of Maddie and her family throughout the past couple of years... I wish I had her puppy pictures so you could see that mohawk!

Maddie and me... Easter 2004

Maddie packing herself to come with me to college, 2005

Maddie and Shannon looking for the kitty- 2005

Maddie and her treat trick

Sleeping on her cozy bed

Maddie and me- Wedding Day 10/4/08

Maddie with her wedding bows
(she had those suckers rubbed off by the ceremony!)

Maddie giving me a wedding day hug

Dan escorting my Ma and Maddie

Our whole family

We love you so much, Maddie Girl!!! Stay strong!


  1. Oh my gosh! What a tear jerker. She looks like the sweetest dog and I will hope and pray she will get better.

  2. I hate that about Maddie! I saw your facebook status... so I guess the vet didn't learn any good news at the conference. I'm so sorry!

  3. Thanks... we're heartbroken, but appreciating the time we have left with her. If my pups have just half of her love and personality, I will be the luckiest girl in the world!