Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snow Day!

That's right, I said it... SNOW! A little hard to believe, seeing as last night around 9pm we were sitting outside of our favorite restaurant enjoying some beverages and the nice warm night. When we went to sleep it was probably still 60 degrees out. But when I opened my eyes this morning, I saw rain... but the rain looked a little funny. Then Andrew told me it was sleet... and as we were sitting there wondering how in the world it could be sleeting after such a warm night, the sleet turned to snow! That's right, here in Macon! I'm still in shock... here it is going on 7pm and the snow is still falling. I can't believe it stuck. We had a great time out in it for a little while... I bundled up in some jeans and two pairs of sweat pants... haha! I wish Andrew would have let me snap a picture of him... he was out there in his jacket, SHORTS, and Georgia boots... hilarious!!!

Big fluffy flakes.

Our house when the snow really started coming down.

So excited!!!

As it kept sticking.

The Ray Family Snowmen:
Andrew, Chelsea and Kitty Bug

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