Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Walk with Kitty Bug, Take 2

The first weekend of October had a truly gorgeous Saturday. It got toasty pretty quick, but the morning was beautiful. After Andrew cooked our anniversary breakfast and before I was elbows deep in marshmallow sticky-mania, we finished up our coffee outside with the pups. Poor Kitty Bug was just sitting at the door watching our little family, so I decided she needed to participate! I brought out her harness and leash (she loooves to hate those things), strapped her up and brought her out to join us! She hasn't been on a "walk" since March BP (that's Before Pups), and she has never been in the backyard, so it was an adventure for us to watch Kitts invade puppy territory.

Before crossing the border, Kitty Bug had to be inspected by Copper Bud. I imagine him saying (in the goofed-up human voice we give him), "Kitty Bug Lalla-Ray, are you carrying any illegal substances into this great country of Big Kids Backyard, Kitty Bug?" He was easily won over with a sweet Kitty head butt.

Kitty stopped and chatted with Penny... "girls only". Poor Copper pouted through that conversation. He must've been the butt of all their jokes.

She tested out the shade under the patio table, while Copper ran at me saying, "Momma, take MY picture, Mommaaaa!"

Isn't Penny the most precious looking pup in the world?

Copper saying, "Hey Momma, CHEEEEEEEESE!" Goofy butt.

Kitty ventured off the deck when Penny offered to show her where the grass is hidden. (In case you are wondering, it is hidden amongst the weeds in the Never-Ending Yard Project. Now there's a post for another day.)

Copper the Customs Agent checking to make sure Kitts does not smuggle any grass back into the House of Rays.

Kitty Bug walking the fence, just like the pups do!

She was in heaven... every which way she turned her head, she took a nibble of grass. This was after she attempted to climb a tree, give me a heart attack, and set the pups into a frenzy of running fits. All-in-all, the Kitty invasion was a success!

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