Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Playing, Sleeping, Being Bad...

...what the pups have been up to this month:

Copper and Penny had a playdate with my friend Sierra's pup, Piper. Copper has a huuuuuge crush on Piper and never takes his eyes off of her. I think it's her little booties. (Head out of the gutter... I'm talking about her furry feet!) Penny is ok with her, as long as she gets some attention, too!

Daddio shows Copper some loving... he is in heaven when he can sit on a piece of furniture and get a belly rub! The best part is... Penny let him have his moment! Usually, she barges in and demands the attention with a sweet snuggle.

One night while I was doing, um, important research on the computer (facebook, gossip blogs, recipe hunting), all of the kids snuggled up together. Our sunroom is an office/puproom/gateway from the deck to the kitchen, and we have a really old hand-me-down chair and ottoman in there. This is the one piece of furniture that the pups are technically allowed on. (Though that doesn't stop them from giving the couch a try a few times a week.) Lately, Kitty Bug wants to be with the pups all the time!

This past Friday night, Andrew was out of town. Being the genius that I am, I decided that it was a perfect night to watch scary movies. Luckily, since Andrew was gone, I could sneak the pups inside to sleep for the night! Guard dogs, yes! They, of course, slept like logs from 9pm until 7am, while I jumped at every single noise and slept with the lights on. Anyway, I put them out at 7 and went back to bed. When I woke up a couple of hours later, I rolled over and looked out the window to see Copper snoozing on top of the patio table. He must've been exhausted from shredding the umbrella. Bad, Copper! Where is Penny? Well, do you see the ripped up grill cover on the railing in front of Copper? She had pulled that down and through the rails to make herself a warm little nest. Oh, kids. The trouble you can get into in just 2 hours!

Sunday was COLD. Frigid. Ok, it was probably 50 degrees, but aren't we all anxious for the holidays? It was cold enough for me to steal Andrew's sweatpants and wool socks. Copper has a body of thick fur that keeps him toasty warm, but poor Penny can not handle the cold very well. She spends every cold outside minute in her doghouse, which her Daddy keeps filled with cedar chips to keep her warm. (And man, does she smell good! Just like a fresh and clean hamster cage!) My lumberjack husband had just chopped some wood the day before, so we enjoyed a toasty warm fire (uh, yes the windows are open). And Penny got to curl up and take a warm nap!

And being the sucker that I am, once the pups were cozy and sleeping, I just couldn't put them outside for the night. I spent the night on the couch so that they could stay right where they were. Next step: gates for the kitchen! If they can sleep in there and not get out and roam the house (I can picture horrid images of mass destruction at the expense of a crappy gate or two), I can sleep peacefully in my bed.

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