Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pumpkin Time!

Andrew and I had a quick outing (a.k.a. needed dogfood) to Wal-Mart a couple of weeks ago, and I couldn't help but to browse the gourds and pumpkins. The gourds are my favorites... so many different colors and shapes and sizes! Thinking back to the snow-family I made during March, I couldn't resist picking out some smaller pumpkins to make a little pumpkin family. Of course, upon completion, I sent a picture to my sister titled "The Ray Family Pumpkins." And she cleverly replied back, "The Rumpkins!" Gah, love her!

The Original Rumpkins: Andrew, Chelsea, Copper, Penny and Kitty Bug.

I made these Rumpkins for my sis-in-laws, Mara and Anna, and Mara's kitten, Roger... but, alas! They didn't make it down to Statesboro like I planned, so now they are decorating my front stoop.

Our Big Rumpkin... took forever, but I love it!

The Big Rumpkin all lit up.

Our front stoop... if only Kitty Bug would pose in front of the hay bale for me!


  1. I'm crazy about these!!! I especially love Copper Bud's with the ribbon down each seam in the pumpkin.

    I've been eyeing the white miniature pumpkins at our WalMart for a few weeks now... maybe it's time to decorate already!

  2. You mean Kitty Bug's? Copper's is the one with the flopped up ears.

    Get some pumpkins! Get 'em!

  3. Way too cute!! Hope all is well!