Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Catching Up, Vacation!!!!

August 29 through September 4, we spent a wooooonderfully long week at the beach! We went to Seagrove Beach, which is on the panhandle of Florida, in between Panama City Beach and Destin. It was a beautiful area, and it was only about 4 1/2 hours from Macon. We were just a couple miles from Seaside (where The Truman Show was filmed), and enjoyed a couple of dinners/lunches out. And I enjoyed a LOT of gelato.

Andrew's had it pretty rough at work the past few months, so he spent the majority of his time snoozing and boozing. (Note the slack jaw and tilted beer... it was a close one!) The weather was perfect- a balmy 80ish degrees, so we were never uncomfortably hot. We were on a private beach surrounded by homes rather than condominiums, so there were no crowds. We walked straight down the steps to the water each morning and didn't budge until dinner.

I spent the days snoozing and enjoying my Kindle. I only made it through one book (I read Twilight. AGAIN. Lord help me, I can't move on from that series.) Andrew's iPod and Sirius radio kept me boppin' in my chair (when his snoring wasn't drowning out the music, haha). We saw lots of dolphins and sting rays. Thankfully, we only saw 2 jellyfish. The water was perfectly calm the first 3 days... it was like sitting by a lake! The last few days, the waves picked up and Andrew especially enjoyed that.

It was a wonderful, relaxing, fun, relaxing, perfect (and did I mention relaxing?) week. No crowds, perfect weather, beautiful beach, delicious food, gelato (!!!)... we had a great time. Although we enjoyed it being just the two of us, we're hoping to vacation with family next year. My Ma and Pa's 30th wedding anniversary is next October... I can't think of a better way to celebrate than to be at the beach together! It's been probably 9 years since the Lalla's were together at the beach. I can remember the Astro van parked on the beach with the back open, Pa under his umbrella, Ma soaking up the sun... ah, family. :)

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