Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I'm baaaaaack...

Well, hey.  Sorry it has been about 18 million years, but I became a secret-keeper.  And the only way to avoid spilling the beans was to avoid the blog all together.  (I'm not so good with surprises... I used to show my little brother his Christmas present from me almost as soon as it was purchased.)

So what is the big secret?  Well, I'm not ready to say.

Ok, I kid. I kid.  The big news is...
My beautiful sister is having a baby! 
We're going to be Aunt Chels and Uncle Aray!

We are over the moon happy.  This was such unexpected and exciting news!  Shannon found out on November 1st (the day after we got back from Helen).  We planned for her to watch the pups for us the next weekend while Andrew and I went to Statesboro for GSU's homecoming, so I drove the pups up to her house the night of 11/4.  She gave me a little gift, and I took my sweet time opening it, not expecting that it would contain the best news ever.  (Thinking back on it... she was shifting from foot to foot pretty anxiously and Matt did have the flip video camera going "to record the pups".)  When I saw that precious little bib, I just couldn't believe it!  She is due July 10th, and I am hoping that little Tart'nTiny can hold out just one extra day so we can share birthdays.

When I got home that night (pretty sure I squealed the whole drive home), I woke Andrew up and showed him the bib.  He said, "You are the Aunt, right?"  Duh, yes love.  And once he was sure it wasn't me who was pregnant, he was excited, too.  Shannon gave me permission to tell only Andrew and Little Morgan, since I see them all the time and there is no way I could keep this from them.  The rest of our families found out Thanksgiving Eve and Thanksgiving Day.  I'll do a separate post on this, because I need to upload pictures of the adorable personalized bibs she made.

So, in short, I am now allowed to shout this news from the rooftops.  So that means, I'm baaaaaaack!   

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  1. So happy for Matt and Shannon! Congratulations to them and their beautiful families!!!