Thursday, December 2, 2010


So, I mentioned before that my sister made some adorable personalized bibs to break her pregnancy news to everybody.  She got crafty and borrowed my Cricut to cut out stencils with freezer paper, and then used fabric paint.  Everybody was so excited and I know we are going to be fighting to put these bibs on the baby when s/he's born!

My favorite was the night before Thanksgiving when Ma & Pa opened their bibs.  Ma was just chattering away as she took her sweet time unwrapping the gift.  When she looked down at what she opened, she froze and said:  "This is a bib." (pause- then turns to look at Shannon)  "You're pregnant?"  (Shannon nods)  "BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!" (dives at Shannon for a hug).  Pa's reaction was much more subtle, but he made an adorable face when he realized what he was holding in his hands.  Ma's bib said, "Shmimi's Sweetums" (she calls us Sweetums sometimes), and Pa's said, "PePaw makes me giggle!"  (Because Pa is always cracking us up.)

Dan was out of town for Turkey Day, so Shannon called him and said we'd send a picture of his gift.  We sent him a series of pictures: one of the wrapped present, one of the present being opened, and one of the bib itself.  Dan (who was known to call himself the "Master of Getting What I Want" growing up) got a bib that said, "Uncle Dan lets me do what I want!"

Jake & Allie opened theirs on Thanksgiving night at dinner.  Shannon put their gifts on their plates, and they opened them as soon as they arrived.  Allie, bless her, has never gotten used to just how loud my sister is.  So Allie's bib said, "Aunt Allie loves me loud!"  Jake's bib said the ever-appropriate, "Uncle Jake makes me Google!"  Shannon even painted the "Google" in the correct colors.  So cute!

Thanksgiving Surprises!
Ma's & Pa's
Andrew's and mine
Jake & Allie opening theirs

Uncle Jake :)

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  1. How perfect! I can totally imagine her with them all lined up, painting them one-by-one and the wrapping them with excitement. Congratulations again!!!