Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Posting every 10-14 days... not a good habit to be in.  Sorry about that.  I'd blame it on the madness that is the holidays, but really the sunroom has been cold enough to act as a walk-in refrigerator and I'm not interested in computering with chills.  So instead I've spent my evenings crafting in my ugly-but-cozy chair by the Christmas tree, bending wire this way and that trying to make a different kind of gift tag.  I'll let you know how it goes.

Anyway, so what have we been up to?  Andrew is trucking it through work... lots of long days but he's getting through it.  We have our eyes on the prize: a WHOLE WEEK at home with our families after Christmas.  3 nights with my family and 3 nights with his.  This is my favorite Christmas EVER!  (Until next year when Baby Candler is here and I get to snuggle her and hog her!) 

Last Friday, we went to Andrew's work Christmas party in Savannah.  Highlight of the night: sneaking out during the middle of the party to hop on the ferry, cross the river, and do some speedy shopping at the Savannah Candy Kitchen (aka Heaven on Earth) with Mike & Kimberly (Andrew's coworker and his wife).  Andrew tried to lecture me for spending too much, but then realize he was the one that bought a $20+ bag of Jelly Bellys.  ($2.75 per QUARTER pound, not per pound, Buddy!)  We got to stay in the big Westin I've always just looked at from my perch on the deck at Tubby's.  Savannah is one of my favorite places to go (even more special since Andrew proposed there), and we always have a great time.

Little Morgan and I joined a gym together.  It's really close to home (about a 5 minute drive for each of us), and it is a small women-only gym (kind of like our college!).  So I have been busting a gut running on the treadmill and watching America's Funniest Home Videos every day after work... it's a special kind of workout: run, run, laugh, choke, run, laugh, choke.  But I think I'm doing better than Andrew: raise arm, change channel, lower arm, rest 1 hour.  Haha, kidding.  Well, not really... but its funny.

The pups are doing well.  Penny absolutely hates cold weather and breaks my heart every morning by shivering next to her food bowl.  Luckily, Copper keeps her warm and snuggly in the doghouse until the day warms up a bit.  We had to board them when we were in Savannah, and Copper lived up to his reputation of distrustful reclusive dog.  The vet tech said that she would dangle a treat through the bars of the cage and he would just turn his back on her and snuggle with Penny.  (Penny, of course, ate her share AND his share of treats... and spent her first 3 hours back at home regretting it.  Poor baby.)  I'm sure Copper was having flashbacks to his puppyhood at PetSmart: people buying all of his siblings and leaving him alone in a cage for weeks.  What kind of a pup-momma am I letting him relive this?!  Andrew wanted me to wait outside while the vet techs got the pups, but I told him it would be way worse on me to wait in the car.  Sure enough, when the door opened and Copper came into view, his low wag and tongue-lolling smile erased the worries.  He just needed us.  Those two snugglers rule my world.

Kitty Bug has been her same sassy self.  We have one of those feeder bowls for her and I can put a week's worth of food in it at a time so she can just nibble at her leisure.  Usually, she finds it empty in the middle of the night and will come sit on my chest, meow at and pat my face until I get up and scoop some food for her. Well, the other night she decided to get creative.  Since she was hungry, she ate a leaf off of a plant, sat on the bed next to my knees and barfed that leaf back up on me.  At 3:30am, I wake up to the certain gurgly yacking that can only come from a cat.  Thanks a lot, Bug.  Andrew slept through the entire ordeal and I used my booklight to clean up. 

So that's been Life with the Rays the past couple of weeks.  I have been sporadically taking some pictures, so I'll post them as I get them uploaded.  See you tomorrow or in 10-14 days.  (I kid, I kid.)

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