Monday, November 23, 2009

Stairway to Heaven...

When walked into the front door of our soon-to-be new house over a year and a half ago, Andrew and I both pictured his guitars following the angle of the stairs up the wall. Our living room and stairway to the second story is opened up to the height of the second story's ceiling, so we have a LOT of empty wall space. Our little apartment had an angled ceiling, so we staggered Andrew's guitars to fill up the wall space there... and we knew the perfect spot to hang them in our house would be up the stairway. This weekend, we finally put them up!

Andrew getting started. We decided to hang 4 of his guitars, so we got started with the first landing. He measured how high up we wanted the guitar to hang, centered it on the landing, and leveled the hanger.

The first guitar is up! We wanted the 'big part of the guitar' (excuse my terminology) to a little lower than eye level rather than the neck (that's the right term! wait- or is it arm?) of the guitar. Once this one was hung, we did the same measurements at the bottom of the stairs. Then we ran the tape measure from the bottom one to the top one, and calculated where the middle two should go.

All done! The two acoustic guitars and the electric guitar 2nd from the left are all guitars that Andrew will take down and play from time to time. The 3rd guitar from the left was a gift from Alan and LuGina Brown- Andrew's friend Josh passed away the summer after we graduated from high school. They both played a lot of music together, so Andrew was given Josh's guitar and drumsticks.

This looks like a posed shot, but I was in the other room and heard Andrew start to play, so I snuck around through the dining room and snapped this picture on the sly. ;)

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