Monday, November 23, 2009

The Ray House in November

Andrew and I have been having a pretty relaxing month at home... but I don't have any pictures of that! Here are some shots of what the 'kids' have been up to.

Andrew and his sweet Penny Baby. She loves snuggling with him and giving him lots of smooches! (Kitty Bug is jealous.)

Copper Budd says, "Momma, not another picture!" He used to pose for me. Now he's sick of it.

Kitty Bug perching... she likes to 'babysit' the pups. Also know as- be a gargoyle kitty.

The girls snuggled up for a nap.

Every night, the pups find their spot on the kitchen floor and snuggle in for the night.

So far, so good with the pups sleeping indoors. We are keeping them contained in the kitchen using baby gates. We've woken up a couple of mornings to minor destruction... a few recipes, Penny's Rumpkin, a few items out of the trash can, and a few pieces of mail. Thankfully, nothing major has been chewed up. Andrew is still convinced we will wake up one morning to chewed table legs and chairs. Kitty Bug used to keep my feet (or my belly, or my back, or my head) warm at night, but now she shares the kitchen with the pups. At first, she slept on the table, then the counter... now she curls right up on the blankets with the pups! This morning, they were a row of 3 little sleeping balls... so cute! I have to try and get a picture of it.

We've been so lucky with Copper and Penny. We had no idea how they would turn out, but thankfully they are fairly calm, sweet, non-barkers who are happy with a belly rub and a snuggle! Yesterday was horribly rainy, and they stayed inside all day just dozing and playing with Kitty Bug. They are amazingly calm for still being less than a year old! They seem to contain their craziness in the house, and instead go wild in the yard. Though we've only had them for 8 months, I can't imagine life without a Penny smooch and Copper snuggle!

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