Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Catching Up, April-May 2009

I kept putting it off and putting it off because, well, I procrastinate. A lot. I get it from my momma. (Along with forgetfulness and corny joke-telling... love you, Ma!) Anyway, to catch up, here are some snap shots of what we were up to in April and May of this year. (And I'll catch up with the rest of the months, too. Take THAT procrastination!)

Copper Bud recovering from surgery... he was neutered and had a tumor removed from his paw.

Penny was spayed, but didn't take long to recover at all!

I played another season with the Macon Women's Soccer League...
Blueberry Jammers!

We were in 1st place all season, but lost in the finals to the 4th place team (who went on to win 1st place, go figure). Such a fun season with these ladies... especially team dinner nights, and post-game adult beverage time. At least we waited until after the game, right?

We rented a pontoon (sp?) boat and went out on the lake with the Carpenters, Willbanks, and Josh. A very hot, but fun, day!

Copper and Penny kept growing, and learning which rules to break once Daddy was in bed.

We celebrated Josh & Callie's engagement with a night out at Taco Mac and Hooters... the big day is set for June 2010!

Andrew, his Dad, and his buddy Justin fenced in our backyard.

The pups absolutely loved saying goodbye to their pen and hello to their big kid backyard!

Andrew's cousin Holly had her sweet little girl, Hadley, on May 26th.

Wilbur-Cuz and Aunt Shannon came to visit Copper and Penny.

We had a Wesleyan mini-reunion, plus my Sister and Kara, at the hibachi table at Taki. So much fun, and we had the best chef in the house.

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