Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Jake & Allie's Wedding Day!

My older brother Jake married the amazing Allie this past Saturday! It was such a great weekend with our family and the happy couple! Allie looked absolutely stunning (I loved her dress!) and Jake was so handsome and proud of his little wife. They got married at the Gwinnett Environmental and Heritage Center. The ceremony was in the lecture hall, which was a beautiful room with floor-to-ceiling windows on 3 sides overlooking the woods. And the reception was in the Blue Planet theater, which had a really neat water feature- the water came down from the ceiling to the fountain! There were so many highlights to the night... every second was so much fun! One of my favorite parts was the slideshow of pictures that Allie's mom put together... lots of blasts from the past in the pictures of Jake growing up. And the slideshow ended with a surprise for Allie & Jake. Allie's brother was shipped out to Korea just before Christmas, so he wasn't able to be a part of their wedding day- but, he sent a video message that Allie's mom added to the end of the slideshow, and there was not a dry eye in the room as soon as it came up! It was the perfect touch to their special day.

We danced the night away... and my cheeks are sore still from non-stop smiling and laughing! (Seriously- my sister's husband Matt is a hilarious dancer! Everyone in my family is hysterical on the dance floor... my Pa had some great ice-skating moves!) Even Andrew got out on the dance floor a few times and had a blast. We got to dance in our first anniversary dance- the one where they have all the married couples come out on the dance floor and eliminate couples until the couple that has been married the longest is left. (We were the first ones kicked off the floor!) My Pa gave an absolutely amazing Best Man speech- the perfect balance of funny and meaningful. My Ma looked gorgeous dancing with her son to "Blue Moon." My little brother was so handsome in his tuxedo. My sister stayed strong in her beautiful green dress so I could hold her hand and cry about how beautiful the ceremony was. (Seriously don't know what I would do without her!) And our husbands looked so proud to be standing up next to our brothers and father. All in all, it was a beautiful, happy, loving, proud, fun and hysterical event! I'll stop going on and on and let you enjoy some pictures (that I may or may not have stolen from Facebook!)...

Allie getting into her gorgeous dress

The Happy Couple

Proud groomsmen: Dan, Matt, Andrew and Philip (Allie's little brother)

The Happy Couple with the Bride's Family

The Happy Couple with the Groom's Family

Andrew and me
Dancing with my sister


  1. Sounds like such a fun wedding weekend with your family! I'm glad everyone had such a great time.

  2. I see Jeremy's head was in your picture. Hard to miss. We had a blast. Aunt Lori

  3. I see Jeremy's head was in the way! we had a blast. Luv Aunt Lori