Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Blue Ridge with the Carpenters!

Ok, so now that I made one post, I am thinking of tons of posts! Who would have thought?! ;) Anyway, for our wedding, our friends Little and Larry reserved a cabin in Blue Ridge, Georgia for all of us to enjoy this past weekend. This weekend was also Larry's birthday, so it was double the fun! The cabin was GORGEOUS. It had a name, "Altitude Adjustment," (I know, right!?) and that puppy definitely lived up to it! We were waaaaay up on a mountain and could look down at the other cabins and say, "Haha, we're higher than yoooooooou." Ok, not really. Well, yes really, but that's besides the point! The cabin had 2 bedrooms and bathrooms, an open kitchen/living/eating area, and the basement had a ping-pong table and a foosball table. There was a ha-uuuuuuuuuge screened-in porch and also, a HOT TUB! Aww, yeah! Little and I were pansies the first night, thinking we would get sick getting out of that thing in the frigid air. But the second night, we soaked it up! We all took Friday off from work and left at about 9am. The drive went by so fast... I think it was only 2.5-3 hours, and we got their before lunch! Luckily, they let us check in early and it almost felt like we got a whole extra day. We went to the grocery store and got some awesome steaks, mushrooms and potatoes... the cabin was equipped with everything we needed so we made a spectacular dinner for Friday night! We watched two movies, "The Kingdom" and "Quarantined". I could watch the first one again, the second one was a little gory... either way I had nightmares about both! The next day we cooked a birthday breakfast for Larry (complete with my stupid, messed-up pancakes... why can't I flip them?!), and then kicked back and watched "Dan in Real Life," which was WAY better than I thought it was going to be. Did I mention that this cabin came with an amazing selection of movies? I'm serious- like, new releases! It was great!

We decided to go out for dinner Saturday night in honor of Larry's birthday. There was a little Italian restaurant called Cucina Rustica about 15 minutes away, so we made reservations for 7pm. We relied on my GPS to get us there and ended up in the middle of nowhere... Andrew called for directions and the first thing they asked was, "Did you use a GPS? Yeah, they always get this address wrong." Anyway, we got there and as soon as we walked in, I knew we were in for a treat. Turns out, this restaurant was opened up by a guy from Sicily who wanted to keep it as authentic as possible... I was literally DROOLING from the moment we walked in. Little and I picked a bottle of wine to share, Andrew tested out a couple glasses of different reds, and Larry had some good ol' birthday beer. They served us an amazing salad with balsamic viniagrette, and we got some nice cheesy appetizers, and then I ordered Pennette Alla Vodka, which is Italian for SO FREAKING GOOD. No lie, that has to be what it means! :) We had a great time and did not want to come back the next day, but we're looking forward to possibly making it a tradition for Larry's birthday... next year, Tennessee maybe?

The view

The Carpenters

Andrew and me


Enjoying the hot tub

Our room

Looking up at our cabin from the "road"

Posing with the sign


  1. This looks amazing! I'm so jealous you found that great restaurant. I remember back in the day when we took pictures of our plates in Italia! The hot tub looks like a great time, especially with the frigid air around you!

    And I've gotta ask, what does Andrew REALLY think about the hair? I can't get over how PRESH it is!!! (And it started a loooong discussion about women and their hair after marriage between Carlton and me, lemme tell ya!)

  2. I thought of you the whole time we were in that place... and I told everyone about the amazing ravioli (and hottie Matteo) from our trip! The picture of the plate was a shout-out to you... :) Seriously, remember when we drank 1 and a half carafes of the house wine and took all of those crazy pictures? One of the best times of my LIFE!

    Andrew loves the hair... he has been pushing me to cut it off since the wedding, even to the point where he'd give me the eyeballs when someone on TV had a cute short hairstyle. It's a lot more work, and looks decent maybe 2 out of 7 days a week so far, hahaha. You know I've never been able to do hair! I'm so glad to spark a conversation for you and Carlton... let me guess, hair gets shorter after marriage and even shorter after kids?

  3. Oh, it was a very intense conversation, lemme tell ya! "All women get their hair cut off after they get married. I think you should grow yours back out long before the dumplins come along, because after that you're never gonna have long hair again." I argued that long hair would be easier with little ones, because it can be thrown back in a ponytail with swift ease. He says, "Well that's not when I want you to have long hair, when there are kids everywhere, it's no good anymore...."

    Ooooooh, no he di-int.

  4. He is digging a hole that is NOT going to be easy to climb out of! Mommies with ponytails get to pull that sexy hair down on special date nights... mommies with short hair always have their hair down! He's gonna have to take it or leave it! :) Bahahahaaaaaa.

    It seemed like my Ma's hair was always in a ponytail when I got a spanking. Therefore, when I spied a ponytail, I was on my best behavior. Long hair is not just a style for mommies, it's a parenting skill!