Monday, January 24, 2011


Blogging just isn't my thing.  I prefer the more pen-to-paper journaling type thing.  Or the one-a-day photo blogging thing.

So, (in a few days) check out Talking Lights.  A blog where 2 best friends post a picture a day, a small snippet into their daily life with a single message: miss-you-love-you-wish-you-were-here.  Ok, so that was a long run-on message, but you get the idea.

We've had a couple of trial runs with this before.  But this round- this is it.  We are going for it.

To Trisha Kelly Lamberth Jones, my BFF, my Teej, my TKL:
You are the Tuna to my Bumble Bee.  The Chicken Butt to my Guess What.  The Maraschino Cherry to my Shirley Temple.  In other words, you complete me!

Let the photojournaling begin!


1 comment:

  1. This was the best love letter ever. See you there! Every day. A picture for you from me, and a picture for me from you. Brilliant.