Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A little late... Newlywed Ray Christmas

Ok, so I am definitely behind on posting. I finally found the cord for our camera, so now I can upload our pictures! We forgot to bring the camera to Cartersville for the holidays :( , but I do have some shots from our mini-Christmas we had with just the two (well, three including Kitty Bug) of us before heading home!

This is a shot of our Holiday meal on a Saturday in December. We had both had a very grumpy week, so to break the funk we spent all day Saturday in the kitchen cooking some roast beef, potatoes and veggies. We even broke out the china for the first time!

In between meat checks, we put up some Christmas decorations and blasted the Christmas music. Kitty Bug was going wild wondering what the green stuff going up on the stairs was... I've never seen her do so many crazy zig-zags!

On Monday the 22nd, we decided to go ahead and have our own little Christmas. Andrew was off all week, so I thought he'd have fun playing with his new gift before we got on the road Wednesday. We didn't have a lot of extra money this year, so we decided to split up our wedding gift cards and get each other stuff off of our registry. I knew I would be very excited to get anything off of our registry, but Andrew would be a little less than enthused to open up plates or candles or bakeware! So, I cheated a little and combined all of our Wal-Mart gift cards to get him a new iPod Touch. I wrapped it up in a tiny box, and then put the tiny box on a big box and weighed it down with anything I could find (seriously, I used a glass blender, deviled egg trays, marbles... anything!). It was hilarious watching him pick up that box about 200 times a day trying to figure out what the heck I had gotten him... he probably thought it was a crockpot or something! Anyway, here's a shot of our tree and part of our fireplace... and Kitty Bug playing with a Christmas ornament! (Bad Kitty!)

And here is a shot of our Christmas treat table as we opened presents... hot chocolate with marshmallows (and maybe a lil' Bailey's), snowman cookies, and candy cane hershey kisses! YUM!
And we absolutely loved having our first Christmas tree in the house! It was not a happy occasion taking that puppy down this past weekend. But I am so excited to pick out another tree for next year! :) One last shot of our first tree:
We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a great ending to 2008!


  1. Chels, what a gorgeous tree! It filled the space in your living room really well. Everything looked so festive! Next year Carlton and I will have to stop in for a quick visit and some "Hot Cocoa A-La-Mode."